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Taste and originality. Creativity and determination. Tradition and innovation. This is the world of Alberto Fasciani: entrepreneur, designer, inventor and founder of a company that puts its name to some of the finest Italian footwear. All this began with Alberto’s great love for horse-riding, conceived not just as a sporting experience but also as a style of life. The spark was lit with a series of riding competitions and then burnt brighter with the purchase of his first horse. From there began a long experience of research and inventiveness, aimed at creating highly technical, stylish riding boots. In the equestrian world they were a revolution, the beginning of a new era. Fasciani’s careful selection of materials, painstaking care over production, endless attention to detail, and immaculate taste all made, and continue to make these riding boots a truly fine product. Today, many national and international riders, including Her Royal Highness, the Queen of Sweden, wear boots crafted by Alberto Fasciani, who creates every single pair to meet the requirements and requests of each individual customer. Passion, experience and dedication have done the rest. Alberto’s research and techniques have now passed from the world of sport to the world of fashion. Softening the technical vocation of these products, but preserving their distinctive equestrian character is the remarkable leap of intuition that has allowed Alberto Fasciani to rewrite the canons of taste..