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Alberto Fasciani Srl informs that personal data, released by compliting the “personal data” form, by mail or by any other means contained in this website, are comply with the privacy policy pursuant to D. Lgs. n. 196/2003.

Such data may be available to the customer for review, change or cancellation and the application of any other rights in accordance with articles 7, 8, 9 D. Lgs. 30 June 2003, n.196, at the company’s address: Alberto Fasciani S.r.l. unipersonale, Fermo 63900, Via Pirelli n. 3, Loc. Girola.

Data shall be input in a client file at the time of the first order.

a) performing contracts of sales or license agreements for the provision of services (supply of goods or services); the treatment will take place in accordance with contractual requirements, including deposit, payment and delivery of any product ordered, in order to comply with the obbligations provided by law or ordered by the Authorities;

b)advertising, commercial and promotional communications, as well as printed brochures, newsletters, MMS or SMS messages, e-mail or otherwise;

c) market or any other research useful to improve its products and services;

d) statistical purposes (in such case personal data will be processed anonymously).

In case a) data collection is required because the failure to provide personal data would not allow the arrangement of the order and the performance of related activities ( i.e. shipment). In such case the consent is not needed because, pursuant to art. 24 D. Lgs. 196/2003, the treatment is necessary to perform contractual or pre-contractual liabilities.

In cases b), c), d) the treatment of personal data is completely optional and depends on customer’s willingness, to be granted through the consent form below. No consequence in case of failure to provide personal data, except for not being able to take advantage of further services provided by Alberto Fasciani Srl.

Customer data will be processed in writing and by eletronic, telematic, magnetic and paper means and always be protected by adequate security systems and constantly updated and kept in a safe and controlled environment.

Customer data may be transmitted to the employees of the Company ( i.e. administrative staff), and will not be transmitted or disclosed to third parties other than employees of the Company, except to those necessary or functional for the performance of the contractual activity of the Company: credit institutions for payment processing and forwarding agents for the shipment of the products purchased to the place instructed by the customer and third parties which provide activities and assistance necessary to carry out services related to the sale.

Customer data, unless otherwise instructed by the customer, will be communicated to the person to whom he has decided to send a gift or more products purchased by the Company. Such communication is necessary in order to avoid distrust in the person who is the recipient of an anonymous consignment.

The owner of the data is Alberto Fasciani S.r.l. unipersonale, registered office: Fermo 63900, Via Pirelli n. 3, Loc. Girola; adminitrative office: Fermo 63900, Via Pirelli n. 3, Loc. Girola; e-mail address [email protected]to which those interested can write for the exercise of the rights enshrined by art. 7 del D.lgs. 196/2003, i.e.: 1) obtain information on the origin of personal data, the purposes and methods of treatment, the logic applied in case of treatment made by recurring to eletronic means; the details of the owner of the treatment, the individuals or categories of individuals to whom personal data may be transmitted or who may become aware; 2) obtain the updating, the rectification or integration of data, cancellation, transformation into an anonymous form or blocking of data processed unlawfully, includig data whose retention is unnecessary for the purposes for which the data werre collected or subsequently processed, the proof that the requested actions have been notified, also as regards their contents, to those to whom the data were transmitted or disclosed, except for the case in which such requirement results impossible or involves the use of disproportionate means compared to the protected right; 3) object, for legitimate reasons, the treatment of personal data, though pertinent to the purpose, or the trreatment of personal data for the purposes of sending advertising materials or deirect selling or for carrying out market research or commercial communication.